Learn More About Dental Comfort

It’s very common to feel some anxiety about dental appointments. This is why we have made it our mission to make our office feel like your dental home. Read our blog post to see how we strive to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible.

Is Sugar Bad for My Teeth?

Most of us are aware of the fact sugar isn’t great for our overall health. We’ve been told for decades we should be limiting or even attempting to cut it altogether from our diet. Read our blog post to find out the impact of sugar on your oral health!

Is Clenching Your Teeth Causing Damage?

Many of us clench our teeth without even realizing it. Chronic clenching or grinding of teeth is called Bruxism. Read our blog post to learn about problems with teeth grinding as well as suggested treatments.

4 Ways to Fight Bad Breath

Have you ever been around someone that suffers from halitosis or in simple terms, bad breath? You think to yourself, I never want that to be me! Read our blog post for tips to your daily routine that will keep your breath odor-free. Contact our team to discuss any oral health issues you may have.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Kid’s Teeth Healthy

Check out our blog post to discover how to promote superb oral health for your child. Our team can provide you with additional tips and tricks to keep your family’s smiles healthy and strong. Choose Lakewood Dentistry to care for all your dental needs in Jacksonville—contact us!

What Is the Best Way to Brush My Pet’s Teeth?

Before you brush your pet’s teeth with just any old toothbrush and toothpaste, check out our blog post. We suggest 5 oral care tips for pets. Learn about the necessary supplies and how to encourage your pet’s cooperation. Visit our dental office to ensure your oral health is in “purrfect” condition too!

6 Reasons Teeth Turn Yellow

Are you worried about yellow, stained teeth? Check out our blog post to learn about the leading causes of tooth discoloration. We talk about diet, excessive fluoride, smoking, genetics, medications, and trauma. We also explain how you can brighten your smile. Contact our office to discuss your whitening options!