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Gentle Wisdom Teeth Removal in Jacksonville, FL

At Lakewood Dentistry, our skilled dentists perform safe and effective wisdom teeth removal. If your wisdom teeth are wreaking havoc on your health or you’re concerned about whether or not you have room for them, we can schedule you in for a FREE consultation. Please contact our office to book your appointment!


What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are your third and final set of molars that erupt at the very back of your mouth. While they don’t actually bring you more wisdom, they are commonly known to bring many issues with them that can potentially harm your oral health. Wisdom teeth usually erupt between the ages of 15 to 25 and our team can even remove them before they hit the surface. We use X-ray imaging to see if patients have enough room for their wisdom teeth and if they look like they are going to grow in straight or at an angle. For example, if your wisdom teeth are crooked underneath the gums, they will most likely grow in that way and crowd your existing teeth.

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Common Issues with Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can lead to a myriad of problems when it comes to your oral health. Here are just some of the most common problems that make wisdom teeth removal necessary:

  • Your wisdom teeth are impacted (stuck) under your gums
  • Your wisdom teeth are crowding your teeth
  • Your wisdom teeth are altering the alignment of your bite
  • Your wisdom teeth are puting pressure on surrounding teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare

Once your oral surgery is complete, our team will send you home with a detailed list of aftercare instructions to help you have a quick, speedy recovery. This list includes a cleaning regimen for the healing area, dietary restrictions (such as sticking to soft foods for the first few days and avoiding straws), and pain management tips. If you have any questions or concerns about caring for smile after your extraction, please let us know!

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